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Walmart has stores nationwide, and offers services beyond just groceries and electronics. Now they are offering prepaid debit cards, movie rentals, and even a hair salon. Since most Walmart’s are centrally located and offer ease of access, you can order many of their services online and then pick them up at a local store, or get products delivered directly to your home.

Walmart gives you the opportunity to order checks online through their website at walmartchecks.com. You are simply asked for some personal account information and then you will receive checks directly to your mailing address without having to wait in long lines that most people complain about when shopping at the Superstore.

What you will need to order checks online

  • Reliable internet connection.
  • The first thing you will need is a checking account.
  • A working email address.
  • Routing number for your bank.

How to complete your online Checks order

  1. Visit www.walmartchecks.com
  2. Make sure you are a secure page for the site.
  3. Choose a design of checks.
  4. Complete the following personal information with your name and banking details.
  5. Use a valid credit card to checkout.
  6. You will then receive a Internet order number by email.
  7. You can then proceed to check your online order if you have your routing number and account number.

You then will simply wait until your checks come in the mail, and that’s all you have to do.

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