www.trycustomink.com – Custom Ink Design T-shirts

Custom ink offers design t-shirts. The shipping is also always free. You will be able to use the site to design the t-shirts that you need no matter what the reason is. Their website is easy to navigate and offers a user friendly interface that will allow you to design a T shirt that is perfect for you occasion. Here is how you use the site.

  1. Go to trycustomink.com.
  2. Once you get to the site you will be able to decide what you want to do. You may want to first look at the design ideas. You can do this by clicking where it says “design ideas”. A new page will load.
  3. Choose why you are looking for the shirt by clicking on it. Then it will show you some of the available ideas that are out there. You can also design pens, bags, and other things.
  4. If you want to make your own you can click where it says “design lab” at the top of the page.
  5. Once the page loads you will be able to select the color, the art, and the text for the shirt. You can design the front, the back, or the sleeve of the shirt.
  6. To add text click where it says “add text”. Then enter what you want it to say. Click “next”.
  7. Now you can adjust where you want it placed and the size. Once you get the text the way you want it you will be able to click any of the options above to add art, names, or rotate the shirt so you can add to the other side.
  8. Once you are finished you can click where it says “get quote”. This will allow you to see how much the design will cost you.
  9. If you are okay with the purchase price you can then click where it says “buy now”. This will load a new page.

This will allow you to enter the design name and your e-mail address. If you are looking to make other designs you will be able to continue shopping and your design will be saved and added to the cart for when you are ready to make your final purchase. The site will also allow you to send or save the design if you want to share it with others and get the final approval before making your purchase.

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