www.tellihop.com – Ihop Survey

IHop uses an online questionnaire designed by iHop to see customer satisfaction and see where they need improvements. You can go onto www.TelliHop.com anytime to complete this survey. The company uses your feedback to change their customer service, their products, and anything else related to their restaurants.

iHop wants to give you a chance to be heard and see what it is they can do to improve themselves for you to be more satisfied with them. That’s not it, there way of saying thank you for taking time out of your life to complete their survey, they will provide you a coupon code when can be used to get a surprise gift on your next iHop visit.

In order to participate in the iHop survey you will need the following;

1) A computer that has full internet access

2) Must know how to speak English or Spanish

3) Have your iHop receipt with you

Now for some steps to complete the survey;

1) Go onto the iHop survey website which is www.TelliHop.com.

2) Select your preferred language, either English or Spanish. Then click the “Next” button.

3) It will ask you to type in the survey code which should be printed on the front side of your iHop receipt around the middle.

4) After clicking next, it will ask you a series of questions regarding your last visit to iHop. Questions about their service, products, and employees as well as questions on what you had ordered. Please answer each and every question truthfully and in some cases you may have to write down a few words in the answer box for some of the questions.

5) When done with the questions it will take you to a final page with a thank you message and it will also provide you with your couple code. Please write down that code on your iHop receipt and take it in with you on your next visit in order to receive your surprise item. If you choose to not want the surprise item and don’t write down the code, simply close your browser and that is all.

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