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Everybody loves a good movie and Regal Entertainment is one of the best places in the United States to see it. Created in 1989, this group has nowadays evolved so much that they have more than 550 locations and several thousands of screens on which anyone in America can watch movies. These movie theaters will always offer the best movies and the best service there is and if you have ever been to one, you will know how great it can feel.

As a large company that treasures the opinions of their customers, Regal Entertainment Group has created a special survey for those who want to voice their opinion on the service they received in these movie theaters. By taking part in this survey, you will help your favorite movie place to grow even more and to reap all the benefits a better service will bring you in the future.

Furthermore, as a reward for your valuable feedback, Regal Entertainment will offer you the chance to participate in a sweepstakes to win a gift card valued at $100. Basically, all you will have to do to enter this sweepstakes will be completing the survey (which will not take more than 10 minutes).

To be able to take the online survey what is needed of course is, a computer and an Internet connection on it. Furthermore, at the beginning of the review you will also be required to enter an Access Code which you can find on your most recent Regal Entertainment receipt.

  • The first step you should take is to go to www.regalsurvey.com , the official website for this online survey.
  • Next, you will be required to enter the above-mentioned code, as well as other pieces of information that can be found on your receipt as well.
  • The survey will start as soon as the code is checked and you will have to give your honest answers regarding the Regal Entertainment service.
  • At the end of the survey, you will automatically enter the sweepstakes to win the above-mentioned $100 gift card.


  1. Vera Kocurek says:

    The Regal theatres are very clean. The people that work their are very helpful and friendly.
    We go to theatres in Illinois and Florida….

  2. Enzo Rotatori says:

    Your film review volume is ourrageously loud. I seldom go to the movies because of that reason. What
    brain dead executive decides how loud the coming attractions should be.
    AMC does the same. I would go to the movies more often if you reduce the volume by at least half.
    I know people my age who also object for the same reason. If you lower the volume, you should announce
    that to your audience that you are doing this for their comfort and enjoyment. Trying to delay my arrival to miss the coming attraction does not always work due travel time.
    I offer my advice as a retired marketing executive. (Aim to please the customer and increase sales)

    to travel time to your location.
    Thank you.

  3. Albert M. Santos says:

    honestly! this is my first time to watch my favorite movie (THE LORD OF THE RINGS HOBBITS) at regal theatres. i’ll love it! clean friendly staff”s and employee’s and im very happy because i am a member now! regal crown club rewards card. i can earn by points free movies,pop corn,soda and so much more! that great deals for me thank you!!! regal entertaiment group.

  4. Ruth L Morales says:

    Also the people were helpful, well informed, and smiled. The displays and appearance of the Theater is colorful and inviting. The food and candy prices were par with everywhere else. Perhaps you can shave a quarter of the price off along with matinee prices. :-) Thank you all for the changes.

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