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Toys’R’Us is probably one of the most famous names in the toy industry, both in the United States of America and at an international level. With more than 70 years of experience in the field, Toys’R’Us has managed to stay on the market and keep its customers happy both with their services and with their products.
Although in its early years this retail company mainly focused on selling furniture for babies, it soon developed into something much bigger. Step by step, the owner of the back-then shop received requests from various customers for baby toys and, later on, for toys aimed at older children.

Nowadays, Toys’R’Us has many subsidiaries, dealing with various areas of their market: baby products, clothes for children, and so on. Furthermore, it operates hundreds of stores around the world (approximately 600 of them, to be more precise) and it has more than 140 licensed stores in Europe, Australia and other parts of the Globe.
What is the Toys’R’Us Buyer Protection Plan?

Because it wants to provide its customers with the best service experience possible, Toys’R’Us has developed a Service plan and a Replacement plan. By choosing one of these plans, you get the chance to protect a purchase and have it serviced or replaced, according to its value. For purchases that are $300, you can choose the Replacement Plan and this one will be valid for 15 months from the date when you purchased the item. For items that cost more than $300, you can choose the Service Plan, and this one will be valid for a longer period of time (between 2 and 3 years).

By joining the Buyer Protection Plan offered by Toys’R’Us, you will not have to pay for extra fees, for transportation or replacements and you can simply call the service at any time of the day. Bear in mind that this kind of protection plan will ensure your purchase for accidents such as mechanical breakdowns, power surges, manufacturing defects, and so on.

How to Join In the Toys’R’Us Buyer Protection Plan?

To join the Buyer Protection Plan offered by Toys’R’Us, you should first make sure that your purchase is eligible. Also, make sure that you have a stable, full-working Internet connection and a functional computer.

Next, follow these steps and in just a matter of minutes, everything will be done:

  • Go to productassist.com/toysrus/en.html
  • Fill in the details required for the registration (name, address, etc.).
  • Click on “Get Started”.
  • Select your desired plan.
  • Click on “Continue”.
  • Choose the product you want to cover.
  • Your Buyer Protection Plan will be available from the date you made the purchase.

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