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With credits that you earn from buying playtex products you can choose to download from over 800,000 songs 45,000 e-books and over 5000 apps for free. With the latest top tracks and top artists in all Genre’s including alternative, blues, country, Dance, Jazz, pop, r&b, soul and rock you are sure to find your favorite songs. With credits you can also choose from many games that you can play on your mobile device. Playtex has been providing quality products for women for many years. The site they created at www.playtexdownload.com was a little something that they did in order to give back to all the friends and customers they have built over the years. In appreciation of loyal customers they have built a way for you to earn credits with every purchase that you can then use to redeem for fun apps, great e-books and hundreds of thousands of songs. Playtex is also allowing credits from purchases to be used towards savings on future purchases through online printable coupons.  Save $1 on your next playtex Sport Tampons with their online printable coupon.  They are also offering $1 dollar off their gentle glide 360 tampons. Use your credits and print your coupon now! How to use your credits for music ebooks and apps

  • First you must visit playtexdownload.com
  • Next, you will need to enter your 15 digit code included with your last playex tampon purchase
  • When you are credited for your purchases credits, you will then be able to choose your bonus download
  • Download!

Each download code you receive is worth 2 credits. 1 song will cost you 1 credit 1 e-book will cost you 2 credits 1 App will cost you 2 credits Playtex is constantly updating the download market on their site to the latest music releases and the best and most popular apps available. Make sure to check back often after each purchase you make from playtex.

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