www.onehotholiday.com – Mcdonalds Giveaway

Enter the Mcdonalds One Hot Holiday Instant win game and you have the chance to win one, up to five, of many prizes that are currently being offered until December 23rd. Prizes include xbox 360 game downloads, xbox one consoles and much much more. There is no charge to enter so why wait? Get yourself entered as soon and often as possible. Just be 13 years of age or older and you are are good to go.

Game peices are handed out with purchases from Mcdonalds, however if you would like a game peice for free, you can mail in a hand printed SASE with postage and return address for a game peice at no charge.

Requirements for Sweepstakes Entry

You must be a resident of the area offering the sweepstakes

Must be 13 years of age or older at the time of entry

You cannot be a Mcdonalds employee

How to enter the One Hot Holiday Give Away

Obtain a game piece (whether from a purchase or through mail order)

Prize Code is revealed on the game piece

How to Play Online

Game pieces reveal a unique code

To use the code you must visit onehotholiday.com

Towards the bottom left of the page you will see a “Enter Code” Button – Click it

Enter your game piece code and the complete the form

Options Include your date of birth, valid email and capthca code

Hot Prizes

For a list of the prizes that are being awarded, click the button Labeled “Hot Prizes”

Pictures and detailed descriptions of all items are available

For further instructions on how to enter and play, the official site offers detailed instructions with images for easy following.

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