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Jack listens is a new feature that Jack in the Box has set up to know how their customers are feeling about their company. This is a survey that can be done online to communicate to the company about their business. On this site you can voice your opinion on the customer service you have received, the food you’ve tasted, new ideas you would like to add, complaints you may have, and much more. Questionnaires are just a good way for companies to stay in tune to how the customers feel about their establishment. The entire process is fairly simple to complete.

How to Complete the Online Feedback Review

  • Go to www.Jacklistens.com
  • This is the site to find the feedback form on directly.
  • After entering the site you will be asked to partake in giving feedback.
  • Click to start.
  • Next enter the language that you would prefer to take the questionnaire in and the 11 digit code that is found in the middle of your receipt.
  • The next page will ask you to confirm the location where you visited based on the 11 digit receipt code on the receipt.
  • After these things are answered you’ll see a screen with questions asking about your visit and the food that was ordered.
  • After answering all of these questions accurately, end the review by giving the exact establishment you visited an overall satisfactory rating.
  • You will also be given sections to add in personalized comments about your visit.
  • When the entire form is complete, write down the validation code to show the form is completed.
  • Depending on the restaurant that you complete the questionnaire form for you may be given free gifts for completing the review.

The one thing most of the restaurants do offer however is free tacos for filling out the survey. Make sure you keep your receipt for your next visit somewhere safe. Keep in mind that there are no limitations to how many times you can do this.


  1. Pedro Polo says:

    why is this so hard ? Plus how come you dont have Beef fajitas any more ? what about the use of tofu in your
    how come you dont have great music in your resturant. (1) on fourth ave @Holgate in seattle,wa
    like serious up to date hip hop and metal? among other ones like world music and tribal one (nativeamerican)and world tribal (Africa to the “aborigine”austrailian to the laplander of finland to the south american ones to
    the asian and also polynesians)
    Just a comment among many

  2. We visited your Store in Temple Tx tonight, Hwy. 363, 1-1-2014. 1:32:53a.m. JIB #3862. We’ll when we got there, we noticed only one vehicle.Line was at a stand still, for a few minute’s, a few vehicle’s pulled out of line and left, but most waited.Found out, I believe the Lady was working by herself.She took the oder’s placed the order’s, and continued taking order’s when she could.She did a terrific job, by herself, we ordered 22 tacos and a few other items, we came from Rogers, and had a previous order. We felt bad, but needed, them.She repeated22 we said yes, she calmly said it may take a minute.She really ,did an excellent job, considering the order size.Apparently, I’m guessing someone, may have wanted to party, more than being at work.YOUR WORKER, deserve’s a big break, pay raise, or something.She did’nt complain, just stayed nice and pushed on.I hope she does’nt quit after tonight, you can’t get, a worker, like her every day. Thank her again for us.

  3. Trina Johnson says:

    Tacos were cold. Cashier was ride. Long wsit time ordering & receiving order. Not pleasant with experience.

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