www.fuelingconnections.com – Fueling Connections with Exxon Mobil

Everyone needs to maintain strong connections with the important people in their lives. This need to maintain those connections is especially true when the two people in question do not live very close to one another such as different counties or different states. To make it easier for people to make and maintain strong connections in person, Exxon Mobil Corporation is currently running a team photo contest for $1000 worth of free gas. They are calling it the “Fueling Connections” contest. The details on how to enter the contest are very simple and straight forward.

How to enter the Fueling Connections Contest

Go to www.fuelingconnections.com. This URL takes you to main landing page of the photo contest. You can choose your own path from here. You can enter the contest by choosing either enter contest link at the top of the page or at enter now link at the far left in the middle of the page.

Whether you choose to click the “enter now” or the “enter contest” link, you will be brought to the same entry page. At the entry page, upload your personal photo and enter your name, email and date of birth. Then agree to the contest rules and terms of use. Click on the Edit Your Photo button when finished.

Then you will be asked to edit to your photo to allow it to fit how you want it to align with your partner’s photo.

After you submit your photo, you will be asked to submit the information of the person you want to connect with. Then your connecting partner must upload his photo to align with your photo via the same process.

If your team’s combination photo is really good and fits well with the theme of fueling connections, then you two might be on your way to see one another in person courtesy of Exxon Mobil.

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