www.compass.state.pa.us – Apply Pennsylvania COMPASS Benefits

If you live in Pennsylvania, then you should know that there is a very safe, very reliable, very easy and very fast way in which you can apply for certain benefits (such as health benefits or child support benefits). This is called the “Pennsylvania COMPASS” system and it will enable you to send any application you want in just a matter of minutes.

COMPASS stands for Common Point of Access for Social Services. The Pennsylvania version of this service is dedicated only to the residents of this state and it will help them gain access to benefits that are available in their area. Human and health care services, food stamps benefits, medical assistance, child care – these benefits and many others can be accessed through the COMPASS portal.

COMPASS was built to be extremely safe for use and even friendlier when it comes to all sorts of people that may need its help. Furthermore, it was created to be very good for various categories of people, including those who may suffer from certain conditions that affect their vision, hearing, or cognitive abilities. For non-English speakers, Pennsylvania COMPASS has been translated into various languages, which makes their understanding of the system even better.

How Can You Apply for Pennsylvania COMPASS Benefits?

Since it is such an easy way of applying to benefits in Pennsylvania, using the system will not take very long, depending on how many benefits you want to apply to, as well as the amount of research you will need beforehand.
All that you will need is to be connected to the Internet and to be a legal resident of the state of Pennsylvania. Other than that, you will simply need to follow a basic set of steps, which are described here:

  • Go to the official Pennsylvania COMPASS website (www.compass.state.pa.us)
  • To apply for benefits in your state, click on the button saying “Apply for Benefits” (right side of the page)
  • Read the information given there.
  • Click “Continue”
  • You will be provided with a list of benefits. If you find what you have been looking for, click the button saying “Next”.
  • Follow all the instructions that will be given to you from here on.
  • If you want to simply know whether or not you qualify for a benefit, then click on the button saying “Do I Qualify” (also on the right part of the screen, right above the “Apply for Benefits” one). Furthermore, you can research different types of benefits by exploring the “Learn About Benefits” menu at the bottom of the screen.

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