www.carmax.com/owners – Owners Manual and FAQ

If you recently purchased a vehicle from Camax, then you know that squaring away the small details can be just as important as the big ones. An owners manual can always come in handy when you want to be sure about the oil your vehicle requires and other regular maintenance that the manufacturer recommends on your vehicle.

In most cases you can download a owners manual directly from the manufacturer. In some cases though you will need to reorder a book directly from the manufacturer or contact support at Carmax.

The following steps will help you out for replacement of your owners manual.

  1. Visit www.Carmax.com/owners on a PC or MAC.
  2. Scroll down to the option to choose your manufacturer and choose based on your recent purchase.
  3. After visiting the manufacturer select the appropriate option for ordering a new handbook, or going to a PDF format downloadable manual.

If you also want to register your vehicle with your manufacturer you can also do that by following similar steps in the next section of the site.

Additional information you will want to check up on is recalls and any other safety issues related to your vehicle by visiting safercar.gov.

Additional things you may want to do after checking your car for any safety issues, is to setup a monthly payment plan online through Carmax. You will see an additional link for accomplishing this task below.

Simply fill out all your information on that page and complete the process. MAKE SURE that the URL says Carmax.com and that it is secure as this personal information you will be providing them.

To complete that process go here. https://www4.carmax.com/account/association



  1. angelita kowalewsky says:

    I am very happy with carmax dealers. They are very helpful and courteous. I am also very happy with the car I recently purchased last Nov.2013.

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