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By completing the 1-800-Flowers survey, you can fully inform customer service about your online experience. This enables the 1-800 Flowers staff to continually polish and refine its practices, marketing strategies, customer service, and much more.

This company has consistently shared customer shopping experiences in other ways, as well. 1-800-Flowers has collaborated it efforts with the microblogging and social media world. Web users can now share their floral arrangements with their friends on various social media platforms. Because 1-800-Flowers is predicated on the idea of optimizing customer satisfaction, it it is committed to spreading happiness throughout the online world. One of the greatest benefits of sharing your floral arrangements with your social media followers is the notion of inspiration. Your floral arrangement may inspire another to purchase an arrangement for a deserving loved one. As you can see, this flower company has a multiplicitous effect on the online world. A single purchase could change the life of a social media follower.

In addition to this, the website is designed to optimize your customer experience, as the website fulfills all of your needs. Whether you need to track your order online, make a purchase, or read the online blog associated with this company, the site has everything you require to complete you purchase successfully. This is more than just a flower delivery business. It is a community.

The History of 1-800 Flowers

In the year 1976, a prolific flower business owner named Jim McCann acquired this company. The business initially struggled to excel in its industry. However, its growth was markedly facilitated by two momentous moves that changed the face of the entire globe. One of these major business moves was their repeated advertisements during the Olympics in 1992. Another critical move was solidifying their partnership with AOL, and ultimately creating a domain name. This granted them a tremendous amount of exposure, allowing the business to flourish. Clearly, this approach was effective because their current yearly revenue amounts to over 700 million. With over 4,000 employees and a significant amount of equity, this company is taking the royal road to global success. This company has sprouted many subsidiary ventures as well, which sell confections and other gifts, as well.


  • You must either be the recipient of a 1800Flowers gift, or you must have purchased a gift from this company.
  • Internet access on a mobile device or computer is necessary.

Step-By-Step Guide

  • The first step to sharing your experience of 1800Flowers.com is to visit 1800Flowers.com/survey.
  • On a series of pages, you will be asked questions about your customer experience. Once the questionnaire is complete, simply submit it.

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